Larsen Reunion in Oregon

This year for the bi-anual Larsen Family Reunion, we decided to take a trip to the Oregon Coast. We rented two houses side by side and had a grand old time.

We all caravanned out and stopped for lunch half way there. This is a lot of the grandkids on one small mary-go-round. Good times.



Jace sleeping in the car. We were quite amazed at how well he did on the 8 hour drive.IMG_3429

We played at the beach in the freeeeeeezing cold water. Seroiusly. So cold your feet would start to sting. But the kids loved it anyway!IMG_3431 IMG_3448 IMG_3442 IMG_3438 SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC

Found some sea life at one of the beaches.SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCWe also took a drive down the coast, stopping at lookouts and seeing some of the sights.

We got to walk through this lighthouse.


We stopped for lunch and all the kids fed this squirrel. His cheeks were so stuffed. It was hilarious.IMG_3469

Waiting to leave, the girls are handing out.IMG_3464 IMG_1744

It was foggy that day, so we saw less that we would have liked, but it was still great.SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC


The next day we split up into smaller groups and did whatever we wanted to. Cameron and I decided to take the kids to the Newport aquarium. Here we are in the shark tunnels. Eli was in heaven.SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC IMG_1762

We told the kids they could spent $5 at the gift shop. Both of the girls got these amazing seahorse headbands. They still love them dearly. Eli got a shark chomper which he broke after playing with it for 5 minutes.IMG_3501 IMG_0089 SONY DSCChilling at the house. Cousin Henry is intrigued by his smaller cousin.IMG_3500

Katrina got some family pictures of us (I’ll post those separately) but here are the kiddos being troopers while we waited. Man, it gets cold when you get close to the water.IMG_3486

Cameron and I doing out best SELFIE the first day we were there. IMG_3450

The kids at the Whale lookout. Never did see one, but I”m sure they were out there somewhere.IMG_3455


We got an early enough start that on our way home, we were able to stop at Multnomah Falls. I was so happy to get some good waterfall pictures! I love waterfalls.

This is the scenic drive to get to the waterfall. Beautiful.IMG_3504

A hollow tree.SONY DSC

Cameron and Jace stayed down on the main level. The other kids and I hiked  up to the bridge that gets you closer.SONY DSC SONY DSC

Looking down from the bridge.SONY DSC SONY DSC

A view from the trail.SONY DSC SONY DSC

All the family down at the bottom. It’s a big, friggin’ waterfall.SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCSo, that was our trip! And it only took me 3 1/2 months to post it! (sheesh)



Jace update

Well…at least I posted when Jace was born! Cause it got a little crazy after that. Jace was a super good baby the first four weeks. He was an amazing sleeper right from the start. He would only wake up once or twice a night and then go back to sleep after eating. He is fantastic. But we did run into some crankiness when he was five and six weeks old. In the evening, he would just be mad and scream, for several hours. It was not fun and gave me some empathy for those who have colicky babies. Fortunately, his screaming only lasted for about two weeks. Since then he’s been much better and has some very happy times throughout the day.

He’s now two months old, is getting quite chubby, is still an amazing night sleeper, and has good and bad days with the napping.

Here’s Eli holding his little brother. He’s thinks Jace is a pretty cool dude.

IMG_3326 IMG_3366

He was blessed when he was just 3 weeks old. Here I am, trying to get him ready for his big day.IMG_1720

My parents were able to come up for the day, straight from the Rowley campout. My dad is still the baby whisperer. He’s got the magic touch.IMG_3369

Of course with the addition of Jace, MIss Piggy has been feeling a little neglected. She’s used to being able to climb up on Cameron’s chest and get some loves. Since Jace has usurped her position, she’ll take what she can get.IMG_3395 IMG_3401 IMG_3415

Some of his first smiles. It took him a little longer than usual to start smiling, but now he’s smile and coo for a long time if he’s just woken up from a nap and is happy.IMG_3523

Miss Sophie. She wants to hold him a lot, but never lasts very long. And she tried spinning him around a lot and is just less careful than we would prefer. But she sure does love that boy.IMG_3530 IMG_3538 IMG_3583

I love it when he looks like he is protecting his binkie. “Back off! It’s mine.”IMG_3597

Baby Jace arrives!

We had a baby. Phew! And he was right on time, born on his due date. I started noticing regular contractions around 5:00 on the 11th and started to time them. The slowly got more regular and a little stronger. I went out with some friends to get dessert at 8:00, then came home and watched TV and continued to time contractions. At 11:30, I took a shower to see if they would slow down and they did, but they were still strong and definitely still going, so I started walking around the house and they picked up in intensity and frequency. Cameron and I went to the birthing center at 1:30 am, I labored mostly standing up and holding onto Cameron, while my midwives came in once in a while, checked the babies vitals, etc… Then my water broke and I started pushing, and about 10ish (I really have no concept of time) minutes later, at 3:00 am, Jace arrived. Though he didn’t have a name yet.


He slept in bed between Cameron and I, and then I got up early with him and took some pics with my phone. So here we are, when he was just a few hours old.IMG_3041 IMG_3049

We came home around 1 in the afternoon, so all in all we were at the birthing center for less than 12 hours. We got home, and then kids came home from the neighbors to meet their baby brother, then we sent them back to the neighbors so that we could crash for the afternoon.IMG_3050

It took us three days to finally settle on a name. He was certainly the most difficult of our kids to name. We had settled on a different name, but neither Cameron or I were excited about it, so we held off on announcing it. Then we finally sat down and went over our list of options again and came up with Jace Rylan, which we LOVE. Jace had been on my list for a Long time, it was the first name that I saw and thought, “hm, I could use that”. So here he is. He’s now 2 1/2 weeks old and here’s some of the pics I’ve taken.IMG_3128 IMG_3132 IMG_3145 IMG_3173 IMG_3187 IMG_3190 IMG_3208


Last 2 Days of May

Sophie’s kindergarten graduation was on thursday. They have an adorable little singing program with all the classes together, and then we split off for individual class graduation.SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC

Sophie with her teacher.SONY DSC

Sophie with her two friends that we carpooled with, Emmie and Meagan.SONY DSC

I thought it was cute that they both had their fingers in their mouths during the presentation. I realized later that Sophie was working on a loose front tooth.SONY DSC SONY DSC


Friday was the last day of school. Here they are at the bus stop. Terrible pictures, but at least I took one.IMG_2978They had a half day which ended with a picnic. Family members were invited to come, so Eli and I went and found the girls and had a picnic on the field to end the school year.

After that, I was super brave and took all three kids to two stores, while 38 weeks pregnant. I bribed them with krispy kreme donuts that we picked up on the way home. That evening the girls had a dress rehearsal for their Ballet performance. Here’s a blurry picture of Lessi.


And a blurry picture of Sophie. She’s bowing to her partner, or “My big girl” as the girls called them.


The kids have been pestering Cameron to play ball with them outside for the past couple weeks. So he went ahead and bought a glove for himself, then found kids gloves (including a lefty for Lessi) at a couple used stores. So after dress rehearsals, the girls got to play catch with Dad. I love that they still have their hair in their ballet buns.SONY DSC

Eli hiding from the camera. This dora glove is one I bought for the girls when lessi was about 3. He really likes it.SONY DSC

I LOVE her faces. She’s such an adorable weirdo.SONY DSC

Being sassy to her sister.SONY DSC SONY DSC

Eli playing catch.SONY DSC

Sophie got bored with trying to play catch pretty quickly, so she switched to swings.SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC

Turns out Lessi has a little rocket arm.SONY DSCSo that was our busy last days of May. It was a nice end to the school year.




Apparently I’ve become a once a month updater. We’ll see what happens when we have the baby. I’ll either fall off the face of the internet earth, or I’ll end up posting constantly. But for now, here’s what happened in MAY!

May first, the kids had a successful dentist visit. I even got Eli in the chair so they could scrub his little teeth. Unfortunately we discovered that his teeth are just as bad as his sisters, so we have plenty of fillings in our future. *facepalm*


Eli helping Daddy to fix the sprinklers.


Eight Months Pregnant. Boom.

Photo on 5-11-13 at 1.57 PM #2

Sibling snuggles. I love finding my kids like this.IMG_1559

And some special Mothers Day pictures.

IMG_2852 IMG_2866 IMG_2860

Happy Mothers Day, Mommy!IMG_2857 IMG_2854


Lessi had her “Someday book” presentation. They all got to present their books that they made. Their teacher read the ‘about the author’ page and they each read one of the pages that they wrote. There are pages about what car they want, what kind of school they would build, what superpower they want, etc… It was really fun to listen to all their ideas.IMG_2889 IMG_2890

We had some friends over for dinner and Eli was entertaining himself by taking pictures of himself. This is from Cameron’s phone:IMG_1565

And this is the picture Eli took from my phone:



Our friends have five girls, so Cameron decided to sit with Eli at the boys table. He sort of fit…IMG_2937

37 weeks. Full term!IMG_2944

Cameron went to the cabin for 3 days and took ALL 3 Kids! So I stayed at home and slept whenever I wanted and did some quality nesting while he and the kids have a very busy and fun weekend with the cousins.

Pit stop on their way there:

IMG_1568 IMG_1569

Then, at the cabin!IMG_1581

Eli helping with the manly work. He’s awesome like that.IMG_1585 IMG_1589

Hannah pushing the younger cousins on the tire swing.IMG_1598

Burger kind pit stop on the way back.IMG_1601


And here’s Eli changing the batteries on his play drill. I only had to show him which way to put the batteries in. He did the rest.IMG_2963I’ll do a separate post for the last day of May cause it was busy busy, and I took lots of pictures. So that’s next!



Alright, April. Here we go.

Here’s the belly at 7 months.IMG_2595


Here’s Eli being so stinkin’ cute. We were sitting in his room and he was making me pretend meals to eat. IMG_2600


The saturday of General conference, Cameron and I painted the ceiling in the front room. I opened the big jug of ceiling paint and it splattered a bit.IMG_1503


My awesome kiddos playing out in the rain.SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC

Cameron went to run a quick errand one evening and found this as he was pulling out of the garage. Love it.


This was driving through our neighborhood. Just thought it was pretty.IMG_2623

I regularly have to go through my phone pictures and delete all the ones the kids take. Eli likes to take 20 of the exact same picture. Often it’s of his leg, or the TV, or the wall. This is one that Sophie took of herself. I kept the ones that were at least kind of in focus cause she was making some pretty cute faces.


This was in the first week of potty training the boy. He came into the office using this nerf dart gun as a trumpet and announces, “I. Need. To go. POTTY!” We’ve now been potty training for a month and some days are awesome and others are awful.SONY DSC

Cameron got to go experience some drag racing with Rick. They had fun and Eli LOVED watching the videos that he took.IMG_1541

I finally got my hair cut. Had an A line done and can I just say: WHY HAVE I NOT DONE THIS BEFORE???? I love it with a love that is true.IMG_2728

Pink Trees

In our neighborhood, there are trees lines one of the main roads that have dark red leaves. But before the dark they leaves come out, they have pink blossoms on them. I LOVE how they look and I tried my darndest the past two years to get pictures of the kids with the pink trees. Last year I did it spur of the moment, so they kids were in whatever clothes they were already in and didn’t really have their hair done or anything. But they were still cute and I’m glad I did it.

This year, I pretty much missed the pink. The trees were blooming and then it got cold, so I didn’t know if they were going to keep blooming later and what, so I waited. Thus the trees have lost much of their pink in these pictures. It was also really windy and cold this morning, so the kids were not feeling cooperative. However the girls did an awesome job of picking their outfits. I showed them the shirt I was going to have Eli wear and said, “Find clothes that match those colors!” and then ran off to get in the shower. This is what they came up with. They’re awesome like that.SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC


I wasn’t quite satisfied with what we got, and when I saw some other trees that were still pink the next week, I stuck the kids back in their chosen outfits and tried again.

Here’s my handsome little man.SONY DSC


He can SEE you!SONY DSC



Miss Sassy pantsSONY DSCSONY DSC

At that point, I was already in my car and had my camera, so I decided to go take some pics to use as headers on my writing blog. I had taken this picture:IMG_1012

WIth my phone and really wanted to get a similar picture with the same view, but with my better camera. You cannot imagine my devastation when I drove out to this view and found it under construction. *sob* there were holes in the ground and piles of dirt and cranes and bulldozers and Bright orange fencing running right alongside that beautiful creek. I wanted to punch somebody in the face.

Instead I went into the subdivision behind that view and took some pictures of their ponds and whatnot. I love this neighborhood. I wish I lived there just for the views.SONY DSC SONY DSC

Since it was overcast, I went back the next week and got some sunny shots. I feel like I”m getting a little obsessive, since I’d like to go back again and take some sunset pictures.SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC

So that’s a little about my pink tree picture obsession. And my obsession with this beautiful neighborhood.